Leslie Olabisi is a Nigerian American actor(theatre,film,tv,voice), actor and host. After her role as one of the neighborhood bullies in Toe to Toe, a SAG independent feature film and Official Sundance Film Festival selection, she began her studies at The Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory in Washington, DC. She later starred as Black Nancy, a histo-venture written and directed by Lennox Nelson; as Jessica Delancy, a misguided girlfriend-turned-accomplice in the new TV One crime series, For My Man; and lead as Blessing, in the Philly-based film Taste.

Leslie continued her studies in NYC and completed an acting program at The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute where she was trained in the Method; and she has performed in 5 shows Off Broadway as a member of sketch comedy group, Troupe 10. Leslie is currently a student of Wynn Handman, an elite member of The Actor's Project NYC, and most recently played Dr. Lark in Cabaret Rising, an improvised and immersive production and as Gabriella in “A Cut Above.” She is managed by The Talent Express, and represented by Emerging Talent (LEGIT) and PN Agency (NYC Voiceover)

artist statement

It is often said that the mother is the mere vessel by which a child is brought forth into this world. The conduit by which we are able to influence and be inspired by that of another plane, made manifest on Earth. A good scene is like a birth. The actor uses his or her understanding of the intent and message of the writer, and brings forth life to a character- to a whole new reality even. When done right, you do not see the actor- but the message- the tears, the anger, the guilt, the sympathy-all invoked by the artist’s choices, that make you forget you are taking part in an imagined world.

 This is why I perform. To bring front and center the very thoughts, ideas, and emotions from which we often disengage, in hopes of shielding ourselves from pain, vulnerability, fear- from disappointment. I choose to confront the very things we run from in order to truly experience a life worth living. 

 I believe digging deep and being confrontational is the only way to reach a true understanding of Self.




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